E-Filing: Fast and Efficient

Our Expert E-File Agents can easily assist you in processing your papers threw the NY State E-File System. Disponzio can be your exclusive agent in providing you with up to date rules and procedure.



  • Send your work to be E-Filed via email or regular mail
  • One of our EXPERT E-File Agents will assist you in processing your work
  • Our Agents know E-File protocol and will file your papers accordingly
Send your paper work along with a check made out to Disponzio to cover Court fees and one of our trained professionals will process your documents right away.
Most E-Filed work will be processed within hours after receiving it. Our e-file agents will notify you once your documents have been processed and will assist you in the Courts procedure.
If this is your first time using Disponzio to E-File you may contact us for more information on how to go about setting up your E-File account.
You must fill out a Statement of Authorization and we will do the rest
click on the link below to be directed to the Statement of Authorization Form